What’s the most you’ll pay?

There are a two responses anyone can expect when posting their junk for sale on Craig’s List. First, and only if phone number was included, they’ll get a text message to email “Joy” with a “firm” price. My reply via text, “email her yourself.” Second, they’ll get an email or text message asking for the lowest price that would be taken for the item. My reply, “what’s the most you’ll pay for it?”

Time for a new car

Been looking at getting a new car. Watching YouTube reviews, some nice rides I’d like to get. The only thing I don’t like about blogging is giving away personal info, revealing my personal life. I’d like it to remain mine, yet express something.

Lost Toll Tag

Got a toll tag over ten years ago and lost it this past summer. Don’t need a new one, but told customer service that it was lost so it can be deactivated and not used my someone else. Anyways, they billed my account $25 for the lost tag. Replied to them asking to provide proof that I agreed to such a fee. LOL, they told me to read the agreement from my initial application. Replied back again stating that the burden of proof lies with them, and that they needed to provide proof of my agreement or add the $25 back to my account. We’ll see how it goes, curious to see what happens since I no longer use their roads and there is no credit card on file to be billed.

Deleted LinkedIn

No way to have a valuable conversation with someone I value, much like Facebook. Deleted my LinkedIn account a few days ago.  Twitter seems to be the only approach worth approaching. With Twitter, one can join a conversation without having to make a connection with anyone. Far better for someone like me.

Local Makers + Local Shops

I came up with an idea at noon to create another directory that will connect local makers with local shops. Makers can post they’re looking for shops to carry their items, and shops can post what they’d like to sell locally. Oh, this could be a nice bonus feature.

Nashbar vs Local National Chains

Nashbar is a cycling website to order anything cycling. I looked all over town, didn’t find any good prices. Most of the places I’ve been able to find inexpensive clothing were all chains like Academy. Nashbar is a local business some place in the US and not a publicly traded company.